Brownies support whales and dolphins

Save Whales and Dolphins

Safe Homes For Whales And Dolphins

So that we can properly protect whales and dolphins, we need to be able to look after the places that they call home too.

Japanese Drive Hunts

This cruel practice involves herding wild dolphins into a cove in Taiji to be killed or taken into captivity.

30,000 Dolphins For Brussels!

Whales and dolphins belong in the seas and oceans with their families and friends! With your help we're hoping to see an end to all dolphin captivity in Europe.

Visiting Iceland? Do Not Eat The Locals

Going on holiday to Iceland? How to ensure you don't support the whaling industry.

Obama Helps Anti-whaling Campaign

Following an anti-whaling petition led by WDCS and sent to President Obama, he has warned Iceland that the USA will take action such as stopping its funding for certain projects if Iceland continues to hunt fin whales.

Make Europe Dophinarium Free!

The natural life of a happy dolphin is one of freedom in the open sea, not cooped up in a tiny pool. Help WDCS change the future of captive dolphins in Europe. Send a campaign letter and/or join the SPLASSSHHH sponsored silence.