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06 July 2020

Latest News On Little White And Little Grey From Iceland

We have been working to move belugas, Little Grey and Little White from their landside care facilities to their sea sanctuary care pools at Klettsvik Bay– which we had planned for this week. However, our vets have confirmed that both Little Grey and Little White have a very mild bacterial stomach infection. This was discovered as part of their final health checks before the move. Their health and wellbeing is always our top priority and therefore we will always do what is right for them.

The positive news is that the infection is very mild and treatable, but unfortunately it will mean there will be a few weeks delay whilst the belugas finish their treatment before they are able to take part in the move to the ocean bay. Once they are feeling better we will be able to share the news that Little White and Little Grey have been moved to the sea sanctuary care area. Then, once they have acclimatised to their new natural environment and all the outdoor elements, they will be ready to explore the wider bay.  Watch this space!

Little Grey and Little White

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