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27 March 2020

Russia To Give More Protection For Orcas

Russia has announced it will officially recognise a type of orca that hunts marine mammals (transient orca) as an endangered species. We hope this will lead to better protection in the future and a complete stop of cruel orca captures from the wild for marine zoos. Tragically, in recent years, Russia has been the main supplier of wild orcas sold to China, where the captivity industry is sadly rapidly expanding.

Capturing and selling wild orcas is already against the law in many countries. In contrast, more than 20 transient orcas have recently been caught in Russia and sold to marine zoos and aquariums.

An important, WDC –funded orca conservation project in Russia has played a vital role in ensuring transient orcas will be officially recognised as endangered.  There was international uproar over the horrific “whale jail” in Russia where wild caught orcas and belugas were crammed into cruel conditions in Russia awaiting sale. The orcas have now been released and it remains to be seen how many will survive after their ordeal.

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