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13 May 2020

Little White And Little Grey Will Released Into The Beluga Sanctuary In June

Little White and Little Grey will be the first whales to live in the world’s first open water sanctuary for beluga whales in Iceland. They are now in their final stages of preparation and ready to be moved to the large sanctuary in a natural bay just off the island Heimaey, located off the south coast of Iceland in June.

Since their safe arrival from China, Little Grey and Little White have been acclimatising and preparing for their return to a more natural ocean habitat. This has included adding more blubber ready for the cool sub-Arctic water, as well as being introduced to the different flora and fauna they will experience in the bay. Now Little Grey and Little White are ready to experience a more natural life again in the ocean sanctuary.  WDC is very excited about this latest news from Iceland and will keep you updated!

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