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04 May 2020

Life In Lockdown – Is This What Captivity For Whales And Dolphins Is Like?

Like you, we are all stuck at home with our families, not able to go to work or school or visit grandparents.  We’re all trying to get used to a new routine of working from home, home schooling, limited exercise and not being able to go where we want to go. We’re all worried about older people and vulnerable people, especially those coping with loneliness having to isolate alone.

These new and sudden limits to our freedom due to the spread of coronavirus have made me think more about what life is like for whales and dolphins in captivity. However, unlike captive whales and dolphins I do still have the comfort of my family around me at home. I can move around in space I am naturally adapted to. I can go outside for fresh air, exercise, nature and, lately, sunshine. To a large extent I can choose what I eat, how I spend my time and feel safe that I probably won’t be attacked, injured or laughed at as I perform in circus-style shows. Despite being stuck at home, I am free.

However uncertain the future looks for captive whales and dolphins around the world, WDC will be working tirelessly to end the demand for dolphin shows and will continue to campaign hard for a better quality of life for them.

In the meantime, my own relative confinement doesn’t feel so hard to deal with.  At least I know that eventually normal life will resume. My hope is that somehow this awful situation might offer a glimmer of light at the end of a very long tunnel.  Maybe now is the time that people will finally wake up to how unacceptable and unsustainable keeping whales and dolphins in lockdown for our 'entertainment' really is.

By Cathy Williamson, WDC Stop Captivity Campaigner

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