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04 December 2019

New Humpback Whale Feeding Method Discovered

Humpback whales are well known for the creative ways they use to catch their food such as bubble-netting, lunge-feeding and kick-feeding. They eat plankton, tiny crustaceans like krill, and other small schooling fish.  

A brand new humpback whale feeding technique has now been discovered in Alaska. Humpbacks feed on baby salmon here, which unlike other fish do not readily bunch up into tight schools.  The whales use their extraordinarily long flippers to help gather the salmon together, ready to eat.

This newly discovered humpback whale feeding technique has been named ‘pectoral herding’ because their extraordinarily long flippers are called ‘pectoral’ flippers.

The whales use their flippers to push the fish together and guide them into their mouths. When there is sunlight on the water, the whales flash the bright, white undersides of their flippers to confuse the fish and herd them together ready to swallow.

Feeding humpback whales

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