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01 July 2019

Hooray! Beluga Whales Have Safely Arrived In Iceland

Cargolux plane arriving in Iceland with the belugas

We are very happy to let you know that two belugas, Little Grey and Little White, have arrived safely in Iceland after a 6,000 ile journey.

They made their journey lying in individually-made slings designed to fit them exactly inside their transportation containers. After a lorry trip from the marine park in China, the whales were carefully loaded onto the Cargolux aeroplane and flown to Iceland.

Little Grey and Little White were monitored by their care teams to ensure they remained safe and comfortable throughout the 12-hour flight.

The belugas’ aeroplane was welcomed onto the tarmac in Iceland with a ceremonial water salute from two fire trucks firing a water arc over the plane, in celebration of the belugas safe arrival.

Little Grey and Little White are now safely in their dedicated sanctuary quarantine care pool for monitoring and resting after their epic journey. They will soon move to their new home in the secluded open-water bay.

WDC was part of the welcoming committee for Little White and Little Grey in Iceland.  We are proud to show the world that there is an alternative to whale and dolphin captivity.

Cargolux plane transferring the belugas to Iceland

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