Brownies support whales and dolphins

Whale and dolphin activities

Learn about the amazing world of whales and dolphins with our interactive animations and activities.

Dolphin Intelligence

Dolphins are really smart. They use tools, learn new skills and pass them on, and even give themselves names!

Fascinating Facts About Whales And Dolphins

Find out more about these amazing creatures.

Fun Quiz Sheet!

How much do you know about whales and dolphins? Print off this fun quiz sheet and have a go!

Dolphin Anatomy

An interactive animation showing the body and skeleton of a dolphin.

Colouring Sheets

Whale and dolphin colouring sheets for children to download.

Dolphin Behaviour

Play with our interactive video showing different dolphin behaviours.

Find A Pair

Can you find a pair of whales or dolphins in our interactive game?

Match The Fin

Play a game and match the right whale or dolphin with the correct fin.

Whales: Teeth Or Baleen?

Play a game to find out which whales have baleen and which have teeth.

Whale Or Fish?

Play a game to see the difference between whales and fish.

How Do Whales And Dolphins Stay Warm?

One of kids' favourite activities on our school visits - the blubber glove!

Whale And Dolphin Models

Find out various ways of making a whale or dolphin model.

Life In Your Garden Pond

Find out about plankton and what whales eat.

Who Eats What?

Find our who eats what in the whale and dolphin food chain.

The Longest Divers

How long can a whale hold its breath for?

Play With Sound

Play our game to discover how whales and dolphins use sound to navigate and communicate.

Photo-ID Activity

Find out how we identify different dolphins by looking at their fins and markings.

Where Can You See Whales And Dolphins

Tops spots for watching whales and dolphins in the wild.

See A Life-size Blue Whale!

Have a look at our life-size blue whale animation.

Stop Supporting Captivity Mr Branson

You can do better Mr Branson.

Wild Is Best! Help Captive Dolphins

Make an origami dolphin in support of ending captivity in Europe.

Drive Hunts - What You Can Do

Help WDC as we work towards bringing an end to Japanese Taiji dolphin hunts.

Is Your School Lunch 'whale-friendly'?

Is the company that supplies your school lunch linked with whaling?

Help Free Olly The Orca

Play this game and help free an orca from captivity.

Perform A Play

Why not get your class to perform a whale or dolphin play?

Help The Environment - Keep Seas Clean

Tips on keeping our oceans clean - even from the comfort of your home!

Imagine A Life In Captivity

What is life like for a whale or dolphin in captivity?