Brownies support whales and dolphins

Dolphin Intelligence

Are you as clever as a dolphin?

I bet if you asked yourself this question you answered “Yes!” or even, “I’m much cleverer than a dolphin!”

But how can we tell?

Here are some of the things human children can do:

• Sit still in class so that their teacher praises or rewards them
• Help around the house for pocket money
• Teach each other playground games
• Help friends in trouble
• Learn about patterns in maths and music
• Work out the answers to problems
• Learn skills from their teachers and parents
• Use tools and equipment to make things
• Recognise faces
• Work together in teams, for instance in sport or music
• Feel love for others and be sad when someone or a pet dies

And there’s lots more of course.

Think now about what else human children can do, or perhaps jot down a list, and then look at these examples of what individual dolphins and groups of dolphins have shown they can do.

Here's a great video by Lori Marino, one of the world's leading experts on this subject, explaining how dolphin intelligence evolved.