Brownies support whales and dolphins

Help The Environment - Keep Seas Clean

Help the environment: keep our seas clean

Help keep whales’ homes clean and safe

litterDid you know that dead batteries can last for thousands of years and the liquid they release is highly poisonous? Or that plastic rings found around cans of drink can trap marine animals causing them serious injury or worse? Or that plastic bags floating in the sea might be eaten by animals that mistake them for jellyfish? Or that balloons released into the sky often land in the sea and might also be eaten by marine animals?

By following some simple dos and don’ts you can do your bit to help!


• Drop litter on the beach, in the sea, or even at home!
• Flush non-biodegradable items down the toilet
• Disturb wildlife
• Remove animals from the seashore

Do…organised beach clean up

• Take litter home and put it in the bin
• Join in an organised beach clean
• Recycle whatever and whenever you can
• Find out about other ways to help marine wildlife