Brownies support whales and dolphins

Perform A Play

Drama: perform a play at school!

If you enjoy performing, why not get together with some friends and put on a whale and dolphin play or concert at school to raise awareness of some of the dangers they face?

If your school puts on a special play or assembly each year maybe you could suggest an underwater theme this year?

Just talk to your teachers about what might be possible.

Ocean Commotion!
You could write your own or use a play that has already been written like WDC-supporter, Millfield School in Somerset, UK did. They chose Ocean Commotion written by Debbie Campbell. Itís a story about a trusting young bottlenose dolphin who goes off to play with her human friends, despite warnings about fishing nets from cautious porpoises. When Bottlenose is captured and taken to a dolphinarium, the sea creatures rush to her rescue.