Brownies support whales and dolphins

The Longest Divers

The longest divers

What distinguishes the best divers?
They must be able to hold their breath for a long time.

Now You Try!
See who can hold their breath the longest (without turning blue!)

One person has a stopwatch, whilst the rest of the players stand in a circle. After a start sign everyone holds their breath. When you can hold it no more, sit down. The winner is the last person to sit down and the watch is stopped. How many seconds for the record?

A Sperm whale can remain under water for up to 2 hours and dive to
depths of 2,000 metres, maybe more! . This is special as whales and dolphins are mammals like us, and breathe with their lungs coming up to the surface for air!

Itís hard to understand just how deep 2000m under the sea is, but try to imagine the Eiffel Tower in Paris Ė now picture seven of them going down into the ocean and itís like diving down the length of all seven. Humans definitely couldnít do that - the water pressure would squash us.

Did you know?!
The forefathers of the whales lived on land, and it was 40 million years before the first whale that lived completely in the water developed.