Brownies support whales and dolphins

How Do Whales And Dolphins Stay Warm?

Blubber Glove – Discover how dolphins keep warm!

What you’ll need:

* A bucket or bowl
* 2 x plastic sandwich bags (or similar small bags without holes)
* Block of vegetable fat
* Thick sticky tape
* Towel
* Ice Cubes


1. Line the inside of one plastic bag with slices of vegetable fat
2. Put the other bag inside this
3. Seal the tops of the 2 bags with strong sticky tape so that the fat is contained within
4. Mould the fat through the plastic so that it becomes a solid layer with no gaps
Now you have finished creating your blubber glove

5. Part fill the bucket or bowl with cold water and add the ice cubes

Time to experiment!

1. Dip your bare hand into the cold water. Does your hand feel cold in the water? Have your towel handy to dry your hands.
2. Once your hand has warmed up, try putting your hand in the water again - but this time wearing your blubber glove! Does the water feel as cold as it did without the glove? It shouldn’t do…

(Ensure that water doesn’t end up inside the blubber glove as this ruins the effect).

Interesting Info!

Blubber is fat and its job is to insulate whales and dolphins from the cold.
Sea temperatures vary greatly around the world and whales and dolphins adapt to this. Bottlenose dolphins in Scotland are the largest of their type in the world because they are the most northerly population in the world. This means that the water here is cold and therefore they need more blubber to help keep them warm. Bottlenose dolphins that live in Florida by comparison are much smaller as the water they live in is warmer and so they don’t need so much blubber to keep themselves warm.