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A Sanctuary And A Better Live For Captive Belugas

WDC is working with Merlin Entertainments to create the worlds first wild beluga whale sea sanctuary. The idea is to provide a much better and more natural, healthier home for captive beluga whales.  The first two belugas to live there will be, Little White and Little Grey, who  are currently held at Changfeng Ocean World in Shanghai, China.

It has been and still is a long and painstaking process to create the first ever sea sanctuary for ex-captive beluga whales. WDC experts have been working very hard to find a suitable location for the belugas and one that will ensure the safest possible wild environment for them. 

Beluga whale in the wild
We have now announced that the sanctuary will be located in Iceland.  It is a natural sea location that will provide a suitable environment for the belugas to live in for years to come.  

We are still tackling legal paperwork, and applying for all the necessary permits to allow the belugas to be moved from their tank in China rehomed in the sea in Iceland.  We also have a lot of fundraising to do!  Our aim is to move the belugas to the sanctuary in the spring of 2019. Find out more about the site and what's involved in preparing the belugas to move to their new home.