Brownies support whales and dolphins

Join our campaign to save the New Zealand dolphin


New Zealand dolphins are one of the most endangered creatures on the planet; they only live in shallow water close to the New Zealand coastline and they are disappearing fast due to entanglement in fishing nets. Between 100 and 150 New Zealand dolphins die in fishing nets every year. We need your help to save them from extinction. We must persuade New Zealand's Prime Minister (Jacinda Ardern) to ban these nets from coastal waters where the dolphins live.


We are asking grown-ups to sign a petition and for children and young people to add their names and support to our campaign by writing your name in the middle of this colouring-in.

We will then take all your colourings to the Prime Minister to show her just how many of us want to save this special dolphin.

Please send your colourings to




Brookfield House,

38 St Paul Street,


SN15 1LJ



or email them to


Print your copy of the picture (opens as a PDF, then just go to File - Print).