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21 April 2011

Greek Green Party Announces Prohibition Of Dolphin Shows

WDCS is pleased to learn of an important step towards addressing the illegal import and display of captive dolphins, as the Greek Green Party has announced the issuance of a temporary order issued by the Athens court to prohibit dolphin shows at the Attiko Parko zoo near Athens.

A Provisional Order was issued by the Athens Court, which prohibits, temporarily, the operation of the dolphinarium.

As the Green Party reports, “dolphinaria cannot offer the space, the social networks and the natural conditions that are essential for the dolphins and other marine animals, having as a result the suffering of the dolphins, exhaustion from the conditions of captivity and premature death.” 

During 2010, 11 bottlenose dolphins, including individuals captured from the Black Sea, arrived in Greece from the Lithuanian Sea Museum in Lithuania, which is undergoing a refurbishment. They have since been performing in regular shows for paying visitors to the Attico Parko zoo. The dolphins were imported without the correct permits and also reportedly without planning permission being given to Attica Zoo to construct the dolphinarium to hold them in.

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