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26 November 2010

Attica Zoo Dolphins Confiscated

WDCS welcomes the decision of the Greek authorities to officially confiscate four bottlenose dolphins currently being held illegally at Attica Zoo.

The dolphins, all reportedly born in captivity at the Lithuanian Sea Museum, the offspring of bottlenose dolphins captured in the Black Sea, were imported by Attica Zoo in June and have been performing in shows to the public. The dolphins were imported without the correct permits and also reportedly without planning permission being given to Attica Zoo to construct the dolphinarium to hold them in.

In October, seven more dolphins were imported from the same Lithuanian dolphinarium. Their legal status has not been confirmed.

The dolphins at Attica Zoo are the only captive dolphins in Greece. Dolphins suffer from extreme stress and a shortened life expectancy in captivity. There are currently 34 dolphinaria in the European Union displaying dolphins to the public in circus-style shows which have little to no educational benefit. In some parts of the world, dolphins continue to be captured from the wild to supply the demands of the dolphinarium industry for new animals and to replace those dying prematurely in captivity.

For the full story (in Greek):

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