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02 October 2020

Belugas Explore Their Ocean Sanctuary For The First Time

Little Grey and Little White are now fully exploring their open water sanctuary home in Iceland.  They seem to be enjoying the natural surroundings and space they have to swim and dive in the sanctuary.

They continue to be looked after by the expert care team and the belugas will return for short visits to the sanctuary’s care pools inside the sanctuary so that their health and well-being can be checked on a daily basis.

WDC is a partner with Merlin Entertainments and the SEA LIFE Trust on this ground breaking project to create the world’s first whale sanctuary. As well as providing an exciting home for Little Grey and Little White, we look forward to welcoming other belugas here and encouraging the development of sanctuaries in other parts of the world.

You can watch a two-part documentary about Little Grey and Little White’s amazing journey back to the ocean on ITV this October.

Photo © SLT/PA/WDC

The belugas explore the sanctuary

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