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07 September 2020

Tahlequah Is Pregnant Again

Tahlequah is the orca who became famous two years ago because sadly her baby died only half an hour after she was born and then Tahlequah carried her dead daughter for 17 days, grieving. Tahlequah belongs to the endangered group of orcas known as the Southern Residents who live off the west coast of the US and Canada.   

The truth is that Southern Resident orca babies are very rare indeed. This is mainly because these orcas are struggling to find enough salmon to eat to stay fit and healthy. Their numbers are now close to the smallest they have ever been.

WDC is working hard alongside others to restore the numbers of salmon in the region – the good news is that a major dam is currently being removed from an important salmon breeding river which will boost numbers of salmon entering the sea.  Also laws have changed to make sure boats operating near orcas are quieter and have to give orcas them more space.

Tahlequah’s new pregnancy is amazing news for the future of the whole orca community – now we are all holding our breath and hoping that this little one will survive. It certainly brings added urgency to our work to ensure these orcas have a safe and healthy ocean to call home.

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