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Bottlenose dolphin


Watch our two videos:

Shorewatch video How to take part in a Shorewatch

How to record your data.


Pdf downloadPlease download our information sheets on locations, sightings forms and advice for when you take part in a Shorewatch.


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Shorewatch Sites

The map below shows the locations where Shorewatch recordings take place around Scotland. The location marked in pink is WDC's Scottish Dolphin Centre at Spey Bay in the Moray Firth.

Shorewatch sites

To carry out a Shorewatch you will need appropriate clothes and shoes for your site.  Please be prepared for cold, wind, sun and uneven terrain. The following equipment is provided by WDC Shorewatch at each site:

  • WDC-issued binoculars (7 x 50 magnification and with compass/reticules)
  • WDC-issued monopod
  • WDC-issued interval timer
  • WDC-issued Casio watch (or alternative time piece)
  • WDC Shorewatch clipboard-box with sharp pencil and spare batteries
  • WDC Shorewatch data sheets
  • WDC Shorewatch laminated data keys: visibility, boats, and sea state
  • WDC species-ID key
  • WDC watching protocol
  • WDC Shorewatch high-visibility vest

High-visibility vest
Wearing the high-visibility vest lets people know that you are performing a specific task; members of the public will feel more comfortable to approach you and ask questions; it brands the programme and helps promote WDC Shorewatch and generate more volunteers.


In fine weather it may also be worthwhile taking a camera/video camera to get wildlife images after the shore-watch has finished.