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Bottlenose dolphin


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Interval timer

The function of the interval timer is to beep every minute during a ten-minute Shorewatch, to allow all Shorewatchers to follow a consistent ‘watching protocol’. By using the interval timer you can time each minute of your Shorewatch without taking your eyes off the sea to check the time; increasing your chance of a cetacean sighting! It should already be pre-programmed. If it is programmed correctly, it will look like this when you turn it on:

Interval timer

Using your interval timer during a Shorewatch:

  1. Turn the timer ON: hold down the NEXT button for a few seconds then release.
  2. Push START to begin timing. The counter will count down from 01:00. When it reaches zero, a single beep alarm will sound. This process will be repeated ten times. After ten minutes, the timer will sound a long multiple beep alarm, indicating that Shorewatch is over.

Additional interval timer notes:

  1. RESET: hold the START button for a few seconds.
  2. STOP timer while in use: hold down START button for a few seconds.
  3. During SETUP press the START button to go back to a previous step.
  4. REBOOT: to reboot a malfunctioning timer, insert a paperclip or pin into the Reboot hole.
  5. If the screen becomes difficult to read try tilting it; the battery needs replacing (AAA).

Programming your Shorewatch interval timer:
If it DOES NOT look like the image above – Don’t panic! It is very easy to set. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the Downloadable PDF Interval Timer Instructions.