March 07, 2021   •  
Whale and Dolphin Conservation

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Whale watching

common dolphinTo see whales and dolphins in their natural environment is a powerful, moving experience and one that underlines the importance of protecting these remarkable creatures.

We know that well run whale and dolphin-watching trips inspire respect for the animals and action to help protect them, so we work hard to help develop responsible whale watching around the globe. At least 10 million people go whale watching every year - the best trips encourage and aid conservation - the worst put whales at risk.

We help to gain better regulations, train whale watch operators and help supporters and the public look out for ways to help improve such operations.

Swimming with dolphin harrassmentWDCS Policy On Swimming With Dolphins
Dolphin interaction programmes, from touching and feeding, to swimming in the dolphin's environment, be it captive or wild, are increasing in range and popularity. WDCS has several serious concerns about these practices, which are summarised here.
Dolphin Smart logoDolphin SMART
The Dolphin SMART programme aims to promote responsible viewing of wild dolphins in the Florida Keys.
whale watchingWDCS And Whale Watching
Why is WDCS interested in whale watching? After all, it's just an industry, established, like any other, to make money. How does it benefit the animals?
WDC Mourns The Loss Of Istar
It is with great sadness that we report the death of one of our beloved Whale Adoption Projectís humpback whales, Istar.