Brownies support whales and dolphins

Blogs And Twitter

Blogs and Twitter

What an easy way to spread the word about whales, dolphins and WDCS’s campaigns! Talk about them amongst your friends, family and the wider world using appropriate blogs, Twitter, Facebook etc.

WDCS has its own Facebook and Twitter pages

Adopt a dolphin
If you’re on Facebook there’s an easy way to keep up with all the adopt a dolphin news – friend us! Simply search for adopt a dolphin on Facebook and add us as a friend. We’ll do the rest.
At our profile page you can check updates, follow the adopt a dolphin blog and leave us comments on all things dolphin.

Adopt a dolphin is also on Twitter! Tweets from WDCS’s Charlie Phillips as he keeps a watchful eye on the dolphins, and news from the team at WDCS HQ will give you a direct line to what’s happening. To follow, just go to