Brownies support whales and dolphins

Stop Supporting Captivity Mr Branson

Please Mr Branson…
…stop selling holiday packages that include tickets to SeaWorld and other dolphinariums.
That’s the simple message of our latest campaign to help whales and dolphins who are held in captivity.

In the UK there are certain guidelines that tourism companies should stick to with regards animal welfare. It means that they should only offer people the chance to visit places where animals are well looked after and do not suffer.

We know that whales and dolphins really suffer in captivity. So, we don’t think travel companies such as Virgin Holidays, which is owned by Sir Richard Branson, should sell people tickets to places like SeaWorld.

Stopping the sale of these tickets would hopefully mean that fewer people would visit dolphinariums and maybe aim to see whales and dolphins in the wild instead.

If you would like to help captive whales and dolphins please print out this picture and write a short, polite note to Richard Branson telling him why he should help.

Then send it back to Jess Feghali-Brown, WDC, Brookfield House, 38 St. Paul Street, Chippenham SN15 1LJ, UK.

Thank you.
SeaWorld statistics:
44 orcas have died at SeaWorld; it currently holds 23 orcas in captivity
1400 is the number of times an orca at SeaWorld would have to go round a tank to match the equivalent distance an orca would travel in the wild.

Over 90% of SeaWorld’s orcas have not survived beyond 25 years. In the wild, a female orca can live up to 80-90 years.