Brownies support whales and dolphins

Save Energy!

Recycling saves energy by re-using materials (like glass or plastic) rather than making new ones from scratch.

For example:

• To make glass you have to start by melting sand. It takes less energy to melt an old jar and reuse the glass than to make a new one by melting the jar's starting material – sand.

• Recycling used aluminium cans takes only about 5% of the energy needed to make aluminium from scratch!

Reducing the amount of energy that is used is important because it reduces the amount of fossil fuels that we are using, like coal, oil and gas.

echolocationThe world is running out of fossil fuels so using less is obviously a good thing. Plus, when humans go searching for oil and gas under the sea they make lots of loud noise which is not good for whales and dolphins. Whales and dolphins use sound to communicate, find their way around and to hunt. They find loud man-made noise in the ocean very disturbing. It can cause them to strand and/or move away from important habitats.

How much energy can you save?

Compare the amount of energy saved by recycling a container to the amount of energy used to power a TV.

Energy saved by recycling one:

Aluminium can could run a TV for 3 hours

Plastic bottle could run a TV for 1.5 hours

Glass bottle could run a TV for 20 mins

Why not work out…

How many TV hours could be powered by the amount of energy saved by recycling plastic bottles at home for a week?

Think bigger?

How many TV hours could be powered by the amount of energy saved if all the children in your class or group recycled plastic bottles for a month?

Remember, and let others know…YOU can make a real difference!