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Save The New Zealand Dolphin

New Zealand dolphins, as the name suggests, are unique to New Zealand. They are found nowhere else and they are dying out. In 1970, there were 30,000 of these beautiful little dolphins, today there are only 7,000. They are endangered and heading for extinction…but we can still save them. Read on to find out how you can help before it’s too late.

Their biggest threat
Fishing nets are by far the biggest threat to these dolphins. Whales and dolphins are mammals, just like you and me, and they breathe air through their lungs. If they become entangled in netting and cannot get to the surface to get that air, they will drown or suffocate underwater.

What can be done to help?
It really is quite simple. All the dolphins need is a safe place to live – an area free from the nets that will cause their extinction. The New Zealand government can save them by looking at which areas of the sea are most important to the dolphins and turning these areas into a large sanctuary where fishing nets are banned. Some nets are banned from some areas at the moment but a much greater area needs to be covered for the dolphins to be truly safe.

YOU can help by sending a letter to the New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, asking him to create a national sanctuary to protect all remaining New Zealand dolphins.

We have an online version you can use (please ask an adult for help and include your date of birth if you are under 18), or please feel free to write your own polite letter to Mr Key which you can post to:

Freepost Parliament Private Bag 18 888,

Parliament Buildings

Wellington 6160

Or email

Take a look at this film created by pupils at Lyttelton Main School in New Zealand about protecting Hector's dolphins.