Brownies support whales and dolphins

Diploma Activity Ideas

Knowing about whales and dolphins is fantastic but, in order to best protect them, action is also needed!

Here are just a few ideas of what you can do. You may even like to try more than one!

  • Sponsored silence - will you SHHHH for dolphins? This is an easy way for you to raise money, either by yourself or as a whole Brownie group. You just need to be quiet for as long as you can and get sponsored for it! We have got a sponsorship form here that you can use. While you are being quiet, try to imagine what it must be like for dolphins that live in captivity, without their friends and family to chat to.
  • Bake a cake for whales - what better way to help whales and dolphins than by baking and selling yummy cakes! We have even got a recipe you can follow.
  • Make a loose change whale - best to get your whole group involved in this one! Using a piece of string or chalk, you will need to make a outline of a whale on the floor or on a BIG piece of paper. Then each Brownie needs to hunt around at home for any loose change, and all the spare coins collected can then be used to fill in the whale. Once finished, your Brownie leader can count up the coins and send a cheque for the amount to WDC.

What happens to any money you raise? Any money you send to WDC will be put to good use helping to fund the work we do to protect whales and dolphins all over the world.

Please send cheques or postal orders (payable to WDC) with your diploma form to: