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Sad News For Morgan The Young Orca

Morgan in captivityDo you remember the story of Morgan? She is a young orca who was found alone off the coast of Holland in the summer of 2010.

She was taken to a dolphinarium there and slowly regained her strength. WDCS and other orca experts then started work on a detailed plan of how best to return Morgan to her family in the wild.

By cleverly listening to the way Morgan vocalizes (her language), researchers discovered that her family lives in Norwegian waters, and that is surely where Morgan belongs. Orca experts have also agreed that Morgan should be allowed to try to find family and friends back in Norway.In fact, when she was brought into captivity it was with the intention of returning her to the wild when she had returned to good health.

But now the Harderwijk dolphinarium in Holland has sent her to Loro Parque in Tenerife, and it seems that she may never be free again. In Loro Parque she will live with orcas she doesn't know - and who 'speak' a different language to her - and she will be made to perform for food.It is not the life of freedom that she should have and we fear that she will not survive long in captivity.

What do you think? Who should decide the fate of a killer whale? Why has Morgan no right to return to her family?

If you think whales and dolphins should be free, please NEVER visit places like Loro Parque that keep them captive.

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