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Visiting Iceland? Do Not Eat The Locals

whale meat served up in a restaurantWould you believe that 35 to 40% of the meat from minke whales killed by whalers in Iceland is eaten not by Icelandic people but by tourists! 

And by doing so, they are helping to keep the commercial whaling industry going.

So, WDCS is asking anyone visiting the amazing country of Iceland to get out on the water to see the whales on a good local whale watch trip, but NOT to eat the meat.

Iceland’s whalers have been putting more effort into promoting the sale of whale meat as an exotic food and are now offering smoked and marinated whale meat in addition to whale steaks for grilling. But the fact is that only a small percentage of Icelandic people eat the meat these days, and the whales suffer a long and slow death.

Please pass the message on to any of your friends and family that are visiting Iceland.

To help, we have a list of restaurants in Iceland to avoid and an Icelandic phrase book to help you understand what might be on the menu.