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Make Europe Dophinarium Free!


The natural life of a happy dolphin or whale is one of freedom; to be able to swim, leap and play in the open oceans with family and friends.

But, in the European Union  - a group of countries whose governments work together - there are 35 dolphin aquariums in 15 countries that still hold dolphins captive. Together they keep almost 300 dolphins cooped up in small pools, performing tricks for paying visitors, such as balancing footballs on their beaks and jumping through hoops.


1) Make an origami whale for our 'petition'. We took 30,000 origami to the European Parliament in Brussels in October 2012 to raise awareness of the problem. We now plan to take even more to other countries around Europe. So please add your whale to the thousands of others! 

2) Send an e-protest letter by filling in our simple online form.

WDCS has launched a campaign to change their future. The dolphinaria say they are educating people and helping to conserve dolphins in the wild. But our detective work has shown that this is not really true and that the dolphins are kept mostly for entertainment and to make people rich.

Dolphins suffer in captivity and we want to stop it.

In the wild, they live longer, happier lives. They can choose who their friends are, what they eat, how far they swim and how they spend their time. In captivity, they have no choice but to perform in shows, eat dead fish and swim around a bare, concrete pool with other dolphins they may not get on with.

We want politicians to:
* ban people from buying and selling live dolphins
* stop new dolphinaria being built
* make better laws to protect dolphins in captivity

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