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Say No To Captive Dolphins In Europe

There are hundreds of dolphins kept captive in Europe for our entertainment.

Incredibly, a third of these captive dolphins started their lives free - in the ocean. Now, these dolphins perform in shows, balance footballs on their beaks, jump through hoops and tow trainers around a pool. Tragically, they aren’t allowed to just be dolphins.

WDCS is determined to change the future for these dolphins. We want the phase out of dolphinaria in Europe, and as a first step, we want to see a  ban on imports of dolphins into the EU and on the construction of new dolphinaria. 

We need your help to achieve this. Please sign our petition calling for an end to dolphin captivity in Europe.

In Spring 2011 we hope to present your signatures to the European Union. We’ll be demanding real change in the way Europe treats these remarkable animals, so keep checking back to follow our campaign to end dolphin captivity in the EU!