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Book Corner

Here are just some of the books that we've had recommended to us by kids who have read them, or just books that we think you'll enjoy.

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Whale RescueWhale Rescue, Changing the future for Endangered Wildlife by Erich Hoyt
Reviewed by WDCS
Age Range 9+

Erich Hoyt is a WDCS campaigner and the co-director of the Far East Russian Orca Project, part-funded by WDCS – but just as importantly, Erich is an ambassador for whales. Whale Rescue explores the inside picture of whale conservation; people who have dedicated their lives to try to understand and help save these amazing animals. Many of the people that are featured in Erich’s book have worked with WDCS over the years. Whale Rescue is an important book for anyone passionate about whales and who wants to find out all the facts. It is also a good book to show your class teacher.
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101 Ways to Save the Earth by David Bellamy
Age Range – all!

The friendly whale in this book gives you loads of tips to try at school and home to help save the planet, from saving energy to protecting wildlife. There are clear explanations and exciting green projects to get involved in. This latest edition uses recycled paper and a brown card cover.
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the snail and the whaleThe Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson, with illustrations by Axel Scheffler
Age Range 4-8

This is by the creator of the Gruffalo so you know you’re in for a good story! It’s a tale of a tiny snail with a sense of adventure who becomes good friends with a whale. It is written in a lilting rhyme which is great to read aloud, and has lots of fantastic illustrations.
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Mad about... Whales & Dolphins by Anita Ganeri, with illustrations by Sue Hendra
Age Range - all

Are you mad about whales and dolphins? From blubber and blow holes to flippers and feeding, this book is full of fascinating facts and information for all you cetacean enthusiasts. It also contains a web link to two fantastic downloadable posters!
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The DeepThe Deep by Helen Dunmore
Age 10+

This is the third spellbinding story about Sapphy and Conors adventures in the powerful and dangerous underwater world of Ingo.
A devastating flood has torn through the worlds of Air and Ingo, and now, deep in the ocean, a monster is stirring. Mer legend says that only those with dual blood - half Mer, half human - can overcome the Kraken. Sapphy must return to the Deep, with the help of her friend the whale, and face this terrifying creature - and her brother Conor and Mer friend Faro will not let her go without them...
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The Whales’ Song by Dyan Sheldon with illustrations by Gary Blythe
Age Range 4-8

This is an enchanting book of mystery and magical experiences with illustrations which are realistic and yet dream-like at the same time! Lilley sits listening to her Grandmother telling how as a child she had left a special present for the whales and they had rewarded her by singing. Lilley is captivated. Lilley’s Grandmother told her “Once upon a time the ocean was filled with whales. They were as big as the hills. They were as peaceful as the moon. They were the most wondrous creatures you could ever imagine.”
Lilley asks her Grandmother questions which draw you in and you too want to know the answers. She too wishes to leave a present for the whales, but will the whales sing for her?
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where the forest meets the sea bookWhere the Forest meets the Sea by Jeannie Baker
Reviewed by WDCS
Age Range 4-8

A young Australian boys father takes him by boat to a tropical rainforestin North Queensland, Australia. “Not many people go there, and you haveto know the way through the reef”. As the boy walks among the trees, he imagines the forest as it might have been in the past. Dinosaurs faintly emerge in the pages; an aboriginal child comes into view in abackground of trees. “But will the forest still be here when we comeback?” he wonders. Jeannie Bakers award winning lifelike collage illustrations take us on an extraordinary journey to a magical wilderness, which like so many others is now being threatened by humanbeings. A brilliant book to discuss in class with your teacher.

Spud Goes Green by Giles Thaxton
Reviewed by WDCS
Age Range 7+

Spud is a pretty cool and chilled out boy who with the help of his best mate Adi is determined to stick to his New Year Resolution - to go green.And this is his diary to prove it! At first Spud thinks the best way to go green is to stay in bed so that he doesnt waste any energy, but soon he learns to grow food, recycle rubbish, and look after wildlife...but can he be green all year long. Can he save the planet? Well – if he can, so can you! You and your friends will discover lots of handy ways to get involved and help save the planet. Blue Peter Award - Winner - Best Book with Facts - 2006