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Diploma Awards - Prove you’re a whale and dolphin expert!

Whales and dolphins are really special animals, with lots of wonderful species living in the world’s oceans and seas, even rivers and lakes. But, sadly, they face a number of threats that make their survival difficult. They need clean and quiet oceans, protected areas and people who care.

YOU can help raise awareness of these fantastic animals and how to protect them by taking part in the Dolphin or Whale Diploma award.

How are Whale and Dolphin Diplomas awarded? It’s simple! First have a go at a fun quiz to show us how much you know about whales and dolphins, and then carry out an activity to help them.

There are various versions of the diplomas, so just click on the one thats relevant to you. You can get your teacher or a parent to help you, or why not get together with your friends to take the diploma challenge!

Dolphin Diploma - UK

Scottish Dolphin Diploma

Dolphin Diploma - USA

River Dolphin Diploma

Whale Diploma

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