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A Sanctuary And A Better Live For Captive Belugas

Two beluga whales, Little White and Little Grey, are swimming their way into the history books. Although they don’t know it, they are whale pioneers on the verge of a new life in the world’s first whale sanctuary. 

These two amazing female belugas are both aged around 13-years-old. They started their lives wild and free with their families in the sea before they were tragically captured in Russia, and sold to an aquarium in China. Little white and Little Grey have shown much bravery since their capture and confinement in a tank and we are over the moon that their lives are about to get so much better.

Last June, they journeyed from China to the sanctuary site in Iceland. They have recovered well and are healthy and energetic. Every day sees the belugas get closer to being fully prepared for life in their new ocean home where they will be able to enjoy their independence and will have the freedom to choose how to spend their days.

Together with the SEALIFE Trust, WDC is showing how it is possible to rehome captive belugas in sea sanctuaries.  We hope others will follow our lead and create more sanctuaries in the ocean for captive whales and dolphins.

Little Grey and Little White