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15 October 2019

Love Whales At The Rugby World Cup

Do you know anybody visiting Japan for the Rugby World Cup?

WDC has an awareness campaign running to let rugby fans visiting Japan know that they need to avoid being served whale meat to eat. Most Japanese people don’t eat whale meat but it can still be found in foods, such as curry, lasagne or even sprinkled on ice cream. Whale meat could be served to rugby supporters as part of a ‘cultural’ experience or eaten without their knowing it. 

During the Rugby World Cup, WDC is calling on fans to enjoy Japan’s amazing culture and traditions, and to celebrate with its wonderful people, but also to stand up for whales.  More and more Japanese people are going whale watching and oppose the hunting of whales.

Whaling in Japan is a small but cruel industry, only involving around 300 people, and a handful of powerful politicians, in a population of almost 127 million in Japan as a whole.  As the world’s attention focuses on Japan this autumn, WDC is putting a spotlight on the fact that it’s just this tiny minority who still support whaling.

Whale meat consumption in Japan has fallen by 99% in the last 50 years and up to 95% of Japanese people very rarely or never eat whale meat.  We hope that this majority will put an end to whaling in Japan very soon! 

Love Japan. Love Rugby. Love Whales!

Love whales at the Rugby World Cup

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