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20 September 2019

BTS K-Pop Band Leader, RM, Adopts Reflection The Humpback

The K-pop fans among you will know all about the huge success of BTS and their leader RM (Kim Nam-joon). The good news is that RM is a whale-lover; he finds whales inspiring when song writing and creating imagery for BTS live shows.

Itís RMís birthday in September and fans have found the perfect birthday gift for him. They have adopted WDCís Reflection, the humpback whale! One of RMís solo songs is called Reflection and fans have donated funds to WDCís work to protect Reflection and her family and friends.

BTS has a song called Whalien52 about a whale singing at 52Hz and they use a CG whale as a special effect on stage. RM even has a whale design on his ear phones.

RM fans have been sharing photos, videos, and stories about Reflectionís the humpback whaleís life story Ė including how she received her name, where she lives, stories about her babies, and why Reflection and all whales are so special and important to us all. So now the wonderful Reflection has a fan club all of her own!

RM's whale-themed ear phones

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