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17 July 2019

Good News For WDC End Captivity Campaign

Virgin Holidays has announced that it is to stop selling tickets to SeaWorld. This is a huge success for WDCs campaign to stop tour operators promoting and supporting the captivity industry, a campaign that targeted Virgin Holidays (and Sir Richard Branson) calling on him to drop SeaWorld.

Virgin Holidays has finally cut ties with facilities holding whales and dolphins in captivity. WDC is delighted Virgin Holidays will no longer support the captivity industry and we continue to call on all holiday companies including Carnival, TUI, British Airways and others to stop selling tickets to facilities that hold whales and dolphins in tanks for human entertainment.

WDC has partnered with the SEA LIFE Trust to create the worlds first beluga whale sanctuary in Iceland.  We hope that very soon more captive whales and dolphins will be able to leave their tanks behind and move into natural environments around the world, and one day help to bring an end to whale and dolphin entertainment shows.

Orca in captivity

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