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10 January 2018

Bowhead Whales Filmed Rubbing On Rocks

For the first time bowhead whales have been filmed rubbing themselves on rocks to remove dead skin from their bodies. The area of the Canadian Arctic has been an important habitat for bowheads who return time after time, but until now we didnít really know why.

While local people had previously reported seeing whales taking part in this activity it had never been clear why. Now, using drones to film from above, researchers have been able to see that large pieces of dead skin are removed while the whales are rubbing. The whales are using the large rocks close to shore to exfoliate.

Bowhead whales only live in the Arctic and can live for more than 200 years. They do not migrate. They do sing!

The footage here was taken by people trained to use drones carefully so that they do not disturb the whales.

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