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26 July 2017

Last Baby Orca Born At SeaWorld Dies

SeaWorld has announced that Kyara, the last orca calf to be born in captivity at one of its parks, has died after being treated in their animal hospital pool for signs of a lung infection (pneumonia).

Captive orca, Takara (image below) was already pregnant when SeaWorld announced last year that it would no longer breed from the orcas it holds in captivity.  Baby Kyara was born in March and she will be the last calf born at SeaWorld.  Kyara, now only 3-months old had been taken away from her mother while she was being treated for her illness and was being hand-fed. Sadly, pneumonia is a common cause of death for captive whales and dolphins.

Kyara's mother, Takara

Photo Caio Ribeiro

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