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15 May 2017

France Bans Breeding Of Orcas And Other Dolphins In Captivity

France has banned the breeding in captivity of dolphins and orcas, a move that represents a major boost for WDCs ongoing campaign to end to whale and dolphin captivity shows.

The French ban on captive breeding will eventually lead to the end of these circus style shows in the country.  The orcas held at Marineland in Antibes will be the last in captivity in France.

In addition, new regulations include a ban on direct contact between captive whales and dolphins and members of the public, including swimming with dolphins.

Dolphins in captivityCaptive facilities will now be required to make pools that hold these intelligent creatures significantly larger within the next three years and have six months to comply with most of the other regulations.

WDC has worked for decades to end whale and dolphin captivity and public opinion is changing. 

Around 3,000 whales and dolphins are held in aquaria, zoos and marine parks globally and we wont stop until the last of these facilities closes. WDC will continue to work towards the creation of more naturalistic sea pen sanctuaries where captive whales and dolphin can be retired.

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