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28 April 2017

Fantastic News - Thomas Cook Drops Tours To Captive Dolphin Parks

Thomas Cook’s decision is a big success for our WDC campaign to stop travel companies selling tickets to attractions keeping whales and dolphins in captivity.  These tourist attractions are making money, despite the whale and dolphin misery and suffering they cause. For this to stop, the ticket sales must stop.

Thomas Cook is a huge, well-known and successful British travel company. It is dropping tours to some attractions keeping dolphins as they do not meet basic animal welfare standards. WDC welcomes this decision at a time when the public is turning against the use of whales and dolphins for our entertainment.

Dolphins performing in captivity.An independent investigation found many theme parks keeping dolphins in captivity badly treated the dolphins held in small tanks. They found examples of dolphins with injuries and showing clear signs of distress. As a result, Thomas Cook has dropped 11 visits to parks with captive dolphins and will no longer sell tickets to them.

Whales and dolphins suffer in captivity.  They are wild, highly intelligent social creatures and should be allowed to live in their natural habitats with their families. In captivity they live shorter, impoverished, stressful lives in small, sterile tanks. Dolphins are forced to endure queues of tourists entering their pools for ‘hand-shakes’, ‘hugs’, ‘kisses’ and photo opportunities. More and more people around the world are joining the campaign to end captivity.

WDC is campaigning for more travel companies, such as British Airways, to take a stand against whale and dolphin cruelty and stop selling tickets to tourist attractions keeping whales and dolphins in tanks for our entertainment.

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