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31 March 2017

Wild Russian Orcas Are For Sale

Russia is making huge amounts of money selling wild orcas to China for unhappy lives in captivity. Orcas are being torn from their families - fifteen orcas have already been sold and each one now faces a deprived life in a small and dreary tank.

As well as causing a lifetime of misery for the orcas captured, this money-making, brutal, trade is splitting up orca families and leaving behind grieving orcas.

China’s demand and willingness to pay large sums of money for wild orcas from other countries is a huge threat to wild orcas and must be stopped.

Orcas in Russia

Researchers studying wild orcas in Russian seas believe there to be less than 300 individual orcas living there. The ongoing captures for aquaria in China, Japan and Russia are a very real threat to their survival.

China’s aquaria building frenzy comes at a time when public opinion elsewhere is turning against keeping orcas in captivity, and SeaWorld has confirmed that their remaining orcas will be their last.

Captive orcas have been shown to have much shorter life-spans and suffer stress and anxiety. Abnormal behaviour not seen in the wild is seen in captivity.

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