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22 March 2017

Deaf Children Experience The Beauty Of Whale Song For The First Time

Deaf children living in the Dominican Republic are able to ‘hear’ whale song created by humpback whales for the first time thanks to a special education project.

Humpback whale with calfOnce onboard a whale watching vessel, the children put on special, high-tech backpacks that turn whale songs into vibrations that the children can feel. As the humpbacks appeared before them recordings of the whale’s melodies, taken on previous trips, were played allowing the deaf and hard of hearing children to experience both the sight and sound of these majestic creatures for the first time.

Those wearing the packs used their hands to express the thumps, pings and gentle massage they felt on their skin as the whale song played. Some of the children were interviewed and said how beautiful it was to both see and ‘hear’ the whales singing.

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