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17 March 2017

It Is A 'NO' To Fin Whaling In Iceland This Year

WDC is over the moon to hear that there will be no fin whaling in Iceland for the second year running, saving the lives of up to 184 endangered fin whales.

There is only one fin whaling company left in Iceland and in previous years, they have sold most of their whale meat to Japan. Last time they went fin whaling in 2015, they killed 155 fin whales. 

Fin whaleThe main reason given for no fin whaling this year and lost year by the Icelandic company are the difficulties they face selling the whales killed in Europe to Japan.

However, WDC will be keeping a close eye on this situation as the Icelandic company has stopped whaling in the past, only to re-start again. 

Tragically, minke whales will be hunted again this year by Icelandic whaling companies. 

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