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13 March 2017

Rare Beaked Whale Caught On Camera For The First Time

Scientists have recorded video footage of a group of True's beaked whale, one the world's most mysterious whales, for the first time.

Beaked whales live in deep, offshore waters so they are extremely rarely seen. This sighting took place in the Azores which are volcanic islands surrounded by very deep water located in the North Atlantic ocean. The boat trip was an educational expedition for a group of schoolchildren. The True’s beaked whales came to the surface for around ten minutes. The schoolchildren were certainly in the right place at the right time to see such a rare sight! 

So rare are sightings of True’s beaked whales that scientists studying the video footage were able to update their knowledge about the colouration of the whales. They are known to have a white patch on top of their heads, which the footage shows extends further along the body than had previously been thought.

Scientists think that the Azores might be a good place to look for more of these rarely sighted whales in the hope that we can learn more about them and their behaviour in the wild.

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