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10 February 2017

Dead Beaked Whale Had 30 Plastic Bags In Stomach

A sick and suffering Cuvier's beaked whale had to be put down (euthanised) after stranding on a beach in Norway. He had thirty plastic bags and other waste in its stomach. This disturbing discovery was made during a detailed examination of the dead whale (a necropsy) by a team of scientists.

The 6m long (20ft) adult male whale beached on despite attempts to send him back out to sea. Scientists found that the whale's stomach was full of plastic bags and packaging with labels in Danish and English. They said that the whale was probably in serious pain for a long time before it stranded. It is the first time a Cuvierís beaked whale has ever stranded in Norway.

The bags included sweet wrappers, bread bags and a crisp packet. It is believed the whale may have mistaken them for squid which they usually prey on.

The United Nations estimates that about 8 million tons of plastic rubbish are put in the oceans every year. 

Find out how you can help stop plastic pollution in our oceans.

Plastic bags found in a beaked whale

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