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05 August 2014

More Protection Announced For Scotlandís Sealife!

The Scottish government has recently made a very important decision; they have decided to double the number of places that are used for protecting sealife! (Thatís right - double!)

minke whaleThese protective places, called ĎMarine Protected Areasí (or MPAs for short), are special areas in the sea that are given laws to make it harder for people to cause damage to the environment or harm the animals that live there.

When MPAs were first being placed in Scottish seas, it was decided that 30 areas would be a good enough number. However, many people agreed at the time that more needed to be done. The 30 MPAs were a good first step in protecting our seas, but sadly sealife around the UK is currently going through a worrying phase of decline, and WDC (along with other members of Scottish Environment LINKís marine taskforce) have been campaigning for stronger protection of Scotlandís sealife for over 10 years!

We are therefore thrilled to hear the news that 30 more MPAs are to be created off the coast of Scotland! The addition of these new MPAs is great news for all of Scotlandís sealife, including our whale and dolphin friends. Certain whale and dolphin species move around a lot (such as the minke whales and Rissoís dolphins), and require their own special areas for protection. More MPAs around Scotland will hopefully encourage the Scottish government to create safe areas for whales and dolphins, and help protect them in the future.

Hip hip hooray for more MPAs!

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