Brownies support whales and dolphins

10 June 2014

Will Japan Turn From Whaling To Watching?

humpback whale watchingA new group has been launched in Japan which aims to turn the country away from whaling for good!

Many hundreds of whales and dolphins are killed each year during hunts by Japanese whalers and hunters. But a new group called the ‘Japan Whale Dolphin Watching Council’ has recently been created to promote watching whales and dolphins rather than killing them.

The idea is to show that whales and dolphins are worth more to the country alive than they are dead, and if it’s successful Japan could continue to make money out of wild whales and dolphins but in a way that is good for the animals as well as the people.

Future whales and dolphins would also benefit from this change because watching animals alive in the wild now would inspire people to protect them in the future!

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