Brownies support whales and dolphins

06 May 2014

Dolphins Help WDC Marathon Swimmer

Have you ever wanted to be able to swim as well as a dolphin? Well a WDC supporter is very close to being able to say that he can!

Adam Walker swimming in NZAdam Walker is a WDC supporter who takes part in long and incredibly difficult marathon swims around the world. He has now completed six of the world’s seven toughest swims, the most recent of which was a 16 mile swim across the Cook Strait in New Zealand! What is even more impressive is that he did it all for the great cause of raising money for WDC.

The swim took Adam across an ice-cold sea with very high waves; conditions rough enough to make Adam feel seasick as he swam. However, help was soon at hand from an unlikely group of supporters: a pod of dolphins! The dolphins came across Adam as he swam and decided to closely follow him for an hour. What a wonderful thing to support Adam through his hard challenge.

Adam is only the second person ever to successfully cross this stretch of water at this time of year. Many congratulations to Adam and our greatest thanks for all the money he has raised (and is still raising) for WDC.

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