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02 April 2014

Children Speak Out Against Captivity

All Saints SchoolWDC was recently contacted by a year 6 teacher at All Saints Primary School in Gresford, Wales, telling us about how the class was using captivity issues as part of their discussion writing in Literacy, while working towards their WDC Dolphin Diploma.

Mrs Jo Settle started by showing the class a film of SeaWorld in Florida, which they all thought was fabulous at first. Then she showed them a film ‘A Better Way to See Orcas’, which she says really changed the mood in the classroom, and got the class thinking about whether it was right to keep orca in captivity and make them do tricks for our entertainment.

WDC challenged the class to each write a discussion essay of up to 600 words on why they think whales and dolphins should not be used for entertainment purposes, promising to publish some of their work on our website. This would help others to think about the issues the class had been learning about.

These are some paragraphs written by the pupils:

Ben Glaister wrote

Orcas are very sociable animals and they are never alone in the world. They have a group called a pod: there are about 5 to 130 in each pod. In the wild orcas have a life span of 50 to 80 years old, but in captivity they live 7 top 10 years. When they are being captured they are only babies, they cry out for help from other orcas but none of them can help.

Milly Tweedie wrote

It is cruel to keep cetaceans in captivity. The orcas dorsal fin is known to droop down because the pressure of the water that they live in captivity is not strong enough to keep it up. When an orca is kidnapped to go into captivity their families becomes raided. Do you really want to kill families just to have a fun afternoon?

Jennifer Walls wrote

It is cruel to keep cetaceans in captivity and they are not happy. Tilikum, an orca from Seaworld, caused the death of trainer, Dawn Brauchra by pulling her to the bottom of the pool, and drowning her. There has been over 100 incidents ending in injury and sometimes death. Do you still want to buy a ticket to a marine park?

Sarah Ashfield wrote

To conclude, my opinion is that cetaceans should not be taken into captivity, as it is cruel. But what is your opinion? Do you think that cetaceans should be used for entertainment or do you believe the same as I do? But, if you’re ever planning on going to a marine park…just remember what they do to these cetaceans before putting them in the spotlight…

The children also held a cake sale and raised a wonderful £150 for WDC. Thank you very much Year 6, and a very well done for all your hard work.

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